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Statistics for Business and Economics: Excel/Minitab Enhanced
Heinz Kohler
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Reviewer Quotes

Heinz Kohler … 40+ years teaching experience. Author, writing 15+ books. Solid background, M.A. and Ph.D. from The University of Michigan, Willard Long Thorp Professor of Economics at Amherst College, Ford Foundation Research Fellow, National Science Foundation Faculty Research Fellow, Sloan Foundation Research Fellow. Heinz literally grew up with statistics. (Visit this page, "About the Author" for more information.) Introduce business statistics to students' WORLD with examples and applications they will enjoy. Take a look!

"I think he has a real winner here… I am looking forward to using the text in my classes."
Professor Robert Escudero, Pepperdine University


"From what I have seen, this text includes the subject matter of a number of things not currently covered in my own text. I like that."
Professor Richard Fentriss, University of South Florida


"The text is well written… He has taken traditionally difficult material and made it accessible to average students through his careful writing style and his use of interesting applications and problems. "
Professor Robert Escudero, Pepperdine University


"the exposition is excellent. … I rate this book very highly in terms of the presentation…this book connects well with the reader."
Professor Anuj Srivastava, Florida State University

"I reiterate my conclusion that this is one of the most interesting expositions of statistics that I have read in a long time."
Professor Nicholas Farnum, California State University at Fullerton


"…real studies from the current economics data, timely articles from established news organizations, magazines, and surveys from current scientific and business journals."
Professor Nicholas Farnum, California State University at Fullerton

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