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Statistics for Business and Economics: Excel/Minitab Enhanced
Heinz Kohler
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Reasons to Adopt

  • Text comes in two versions: Microsoft Excel Enhanced and Minitab Enhanced
  • Chapter 2 of both versions provides a detailed introduction to Excel or Minitab, respectively, which students are expected to refer to throughout the course and beyond.
  • Each version respectively feature numerous self-contained Excel or Minitab examples introducing every major feature of the respective program. The end-of-chapter Practice Problems and numerous problems in the supplements provide additional training in Excel or Minitab, respectively.
  • Applications-oriented text that stresses learning by example.
  • Avoids deriving formulas and presenting extended mathematical proofs in favor of teaching students which techniques can be used under which circumstances and how the results – properly interpreted – can aid in their decision making.
  • The Excel version text comes with HKStat, an EXCEL add-in developed by the author, which consists of 54 templates to perform statistical procedures limited by Excel alone.
  • Introduces students to ways of gathering data on the World Wide Web and importing them onto their favorite software programs; features major U.S. government sites, over 100 foreign government sites, and websites of all the Year 2000 Fortune 500 list. Appropriate hyperlinks to all of these appear on the CD-ROM accompanying the text.
  • Careful pedagogy aids in student understanding and retention.

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