Determinants of
Service Quality

Service Excellence

Serving the Nightmare Customer by Debra Kahn Schofield, The Weekly Guerilla. How to handle difficult scenarios to the customer's satisfaction:

  • Presenting price increases.
    Example: Explaining why prices have risen.
  • Announcing change.
    Example: Asking the customer to try the new approach and report back on how well it worked.
  • Establishing credibility.
    Example: explaining your credentials to build customer confidence in what you offer.
  • When the customer isn't right.
    Example: Find out how the misunderstanding might have occurred, instead of just proving the customer wrong.
  • When the customer is right.
    Example: Admit it and take the responsibility for the error.
  • When the customer won't pay.
    Example: Keep collecting debt impersonal, such as "The account is overdue" versus "You owe us money."

The Truth About Customers by Jay Conrad Levinson, The Weekly Guerilla. A long list of reasons why customers buy, with an emphasis on the benefits they receive. A few examples:

  • "They buy your credibility or don't buy if you lack it."
  • "They buy the consistency they've seen you exhibit."
  • "They buy the confidence you display in your own business."

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