---Introduction to Relationship Marketing

What the Heck is Relationship Marketing by Cathy Allingtion. Covers the basics of relationship marketing and how to successfully apply it as a business.


---Customer Satisfaction

What is the American Customer Satisfaction Index by the American Society for Quality.

Customer Relationship Marketing Myths by Helmar Rudolph, Marketing Competence, December, 1999. The article starts with a major misconception about customer relationship marketing: that it is merely another tool for boosting sales. The author then builds a context for customer relationship marketing by showing how it is part of the evolution towards long-term relationships with customers.

Customer service conundrum, Call centers of high-tech companies are swamped, and consumers are fuming by Simon Barker-Benfield, Florida Times-Union. Stories about the frustrations customers experience in requesting customer service, the pressures many companies experience to cut back on service to reduce costs, an exploration of the special issues and challenges in providing customer support for high technology products such as software and the role of technology solutions (Internet, interactive voice recognition, etc.) for improving customer service.


---Company Profiles

Exceptional Customer Service Visit the Web sites of companies that appear to offer exceptional customer attention, including Circuit City, Amazon.com and Dell.

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