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Supply-chain Management

An Introduction to Supply Chain Management by Ram Ganeshan and Terry P. Harrison, Penn State Univeristy. For a broad understanding of the topic, this is a good place to start, especially the following subjects:

  • Detailed definition of supply chain management
  • Overview of the "four major decision areas in supply chain management: 1) location, 2) production, 3) inventory, and 4) transportation (distribution)"

The balance of the article reviews supply chain modeling approaches.

Taking Supply-chain Management to the Next Level by Robert J. Bowman, Supply Chain Brain. The challenges are benefits of creating a "totally seamless supply chain between vendors and their ultimate customers." Four levels towards integration are described and the reasons why most businesses are stuck at the first, most basic level. The role and potential of the Internet in the entire process is also explored.


Inventory Management

Recent Articles by Jon Schreibfeder, Effective Inventory Management. This series of practical articles is targeted to distributors to help them improve their inventory management. If you're interested in how distributors actually manage their inventory operations, these articles will provide an inside look. Among the topics covered:

  • 14 broad steps for implementing an effective inventory management program.
  • Establishing the level of inventory turnover that maximizes profits.
  • How to measure the level of customer service offered.
  • Ensuring accurate physical inventory with a minimum of time and expense.
  • Minimizing losses due to unsold inventory.

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