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Expo Magazine Covers the exposition industry for show organizers who want to attract exhibitors and exhibitors who want to select the best shows.

kidscreen How to reach children through entertainment using merchandising, advertising, retail displays, etc.

P-O-P Design See examples of the latest designs for P-O-P displays.

P-O-P Times "The News Publication of Point-of-Purchase Advertising, Display and Packaging." Articles focus on the latest trends and specific P-O-P campaigns.

Point of Purchase Magazine Trends, features and other coverage on point of purchase marketing.

Promo Trend analysis and "how-to" articles related to promotional marketing, such as couponing, sweepstakes, point of purchase advertising and tie-in promotions.



General Articles

Promotional Products Can Add Punch To Marketing by G. Stephen Slagle, The Promotion Clinic. An overview of the benefits of using promotional products and their role within a broad marketing strategy that may include such areas as advertising, public relations and internal communications.

Independent Research Shows Promotional Products Power by G.Stephen Slagle, Promotional Products Association. Results of various research studies showing the benefits of using promotional products (free pens, coffee mugs, etc.) to increase sales and build customer loyalty.


Sweepstakes and Other Contests

Promo contains over 300 articles covering sweepstakes, games and other contests. Just enter keywords, such as "sweepstakes" and "games" in the site's search engine.



21st Century Coupons by Penelope Patsuris, Forbes, July 30, 1999. Some online approaches to providing electronic "coupons" as an incentive to buy products. For example, one company, Prio, can arrange discounts for specified purchases at local retailers for its registered credit card holders.


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