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"The Ghastliest Product Launches" by Paul Lukas, Fortune, March 16, 1998, Vol. 137, No. 5, page 44. Read about some new product failures by major companies, such as Miller's clear beer or Nestea's yellow-colored "Tea Whiz" (no kidding).

Question: Can you think of recent consumer product lauches that were notably successful or unsuccessful? What led you to your conclusions about your selections?


---Company Profile: Procter & Gamble

New product launch of olestra Extensive coverage of Procter & Gambel's "olestra," the calorie-free fat-replacement used in such foods as potato chips. After reading about the company's efforts, you'll summarize what it did to ensure success and assess the risks the product may face.

---Company Profiles: Volvo and Mercedes

Volvo This page summarizes the safety features of the Volvo model line, including inflatable side curtains, impact-absorbing body structure, multiple air bags and whiplash protection.

Mercedes Safety features covered include side air bags and pop-up roll bar.


Where are these products in their life cycle? Review articles, industry data and other information about a variety of products such as DVD (Digital Video Disc) players, electric cars and theater movies. Then, decide where each product is located in its
life cycle.


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