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Pricing Tool: Breakeven

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Pricing Essentials from Floor to Ceiling by Debra G. Kahn, The Weekly Guerilla. Another introduction to pricing, but this one offers a more step-by-step approach to setting a price instead of simply presenting pricing alternatives. It shows how to integrate cost-based and value-based approaches to arrive at a price. The importance of calculating a product's breakeven point is also covered.

Understanding Costs and Pricing for Profit by by Jean D. Sifleet, Online Women's Business Center. Straightforward primer for establishing a price, based on costs as the "floor" of the price range and the customer's perception of the product's value as the "ceiling." The balance of this resource helps you establish these two key measures and decide on a price, using such tools as breakeven analysis, cost-based pricing, value-based pricing and discounting.


Pricing Tool: Breakeven Analysis

Chicago Analytics Breakeven Analysis Tool by EntrepreNet. "Fin out how many and what price you must sell your product at to make a profit.

Breakeven Analysis Calculator by V. William DeLuca. Another tool for calculating the breakeven point.

Sales Volume Breakeven Analysis by DinkyTown.Net. Find out how many units of your product must be sold to make a profit using the calculator provided.


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