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Strategy, The Canadian Marketing Report Weekly Guerilla

---Developing a Marketing Strategy

De-mystifying Marketing Plans by Debra G. Kahn, The Weekly Guerilla. Some basics about how a marketing plan can help your business and some tips about preparing one.

---Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing CyberTrends Compiled by Professor John M. McCann at Duke University, this web page offers links to trends about "the changing nature of marketing and how it will be practiced in the digital age." Among the many topics covered: the growth of interactive marketing through the World Wide Web, rise of "particle marketing" (marketing or customizing a product for one customer), decreasing role of middleman (distributor) in many marketing channels and a rise in price competition.

The Wirthlin Report - Current Trends in Public Opinion Sponsored by Wirthlin Worldwide, this web page offers numerous articles and studies about current trends in public opinion derived from the many surveys conducted by the firm. Examples of the subjects covered: profile of who is currently using the Internet, declining American customer satisfaction in the goods and services they buy, growth of store brand purchases over national brands and the increasing number of employees who are setting up home offices.


---SWOT Analysis

Introduction to SWOT Analysis by Mind Tools. The basic questions to ask for each section of SWOT Analysis and some brief tips for answering those questions.


---New Technologies Affecting Business

In the world of marketing, it is important to keep pace with technology and it's impact on the products you conceive, develop and bring to market. The articles below will help you keep pace with some of the latest technological advancements.

Checkout tech by Margaret Mannix, U.S. News. Businesses are finding new ways to make purchases and other transactions easier for their customers, including digitizing and storing credit card signatures for better fraud protection, portable credit card machines that can be brought to your restaurant table and ATMs that can cash checks.

25 Cool Things You Wish You Had And Will by Clint Willis, Forbes. In-depth descriptions of 25 applications of embedded chips, such as "all-knowing appliances," "Powerful Personal Digital Assistants," "Wearable Computers" and "Personal Shopper-on-a-Card."

Dawn of the Hydrogen Age
by Jacques Leslie, Wired. The application of hydrogen fuel cells has the potential to transform the way energy is provided, especially in vehicles. Over the next 50-100 years, this technology may shift energy consumption from fossil fuels and transform the energy industry.

Free Flight by Jacques Leslie, Wired. Many tasks now handled by air traffic controllers and pilots may be automated in the future using "satellite-based navigational equipment that identifies their positions with a precision far outstripping radar's.


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