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Packaging Digest Industry news, trends and analysis, especially the latest packaging efforts of different manufacturers. The emphasis in this publication is more on the packaging itself -- materials, production methods, technologies, etc. -- than with the role packaging plays in a company's marketing efforts.

Packaging Towards the Third Millenium by Food Machines, December, 1999. Although awkwardly written and sometimes difficult to follow, this article offers some interesting forecasts for packaging, including lighter materials, modularity and less environmental impact -- all at a lower cost.

Custom Holograms--High-Tech, High-Glamour, Lower Cost by Kate Bertrand, Brand Packaging, September/October 1999. (requires free registration to view articles). General discussion on the use of holograms to create a more visible, upscale appearance of packaging. Case studies illustrate the costs, benefits and integration of holograms in packaging for international brand-name beverages, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Packaging--Ten Trends for the Next Ten Years by the Packaging Council of Australia, Inc. October, 1993. Since many years have transpired since this article was written, it might be an interesting exercise to determine the extent to which these trends have occurred. Among the trends that were forecasted: greater demand for convenience packaging (ex. smaller, single portion packaging for convenience/quick preparation foods) and the increasing importance of packaging in selling products.


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