Nonprofit Marketing

How Well Do Nonprofit Organizations Market Themselves?

Like businesses, nonprofit organizations must market what they offer. However, instead of focusing their marketing efforts on customers, most nonprofits concentrate on prospective donors. To the right is a representative sample of nonprofit organizations. Select three nonprofit organizations from the list to the right and then answer the five questions below for each one. Which site, if any, stands out as the most effective Web site for fundraising? Why?  

American Heart Association

Humane Society of the U.S.

Make-A-Wish Foundation


Sierra Club

1. How clearly stated are the mission and objectives of the organization?  
2. Does the organization make it easy to make a donation immediately (by providing a highly visible link for donations and providing a means to give money via the Web)?  
3. Can you allocate your donation to a specific cause or program? Some people are more likely to give when they can focus their donation on what they care about most.  
4. Do you know specifically how your donations will be spent? This is an advantage for many donors who feel more comfortable in knowing where their money goes.    
5. Is the Web site appealing for visitors? Among the factors that make a site attractive: it looks good (graphics, colors, layout, etc.), easy to navigate and useful or interesting information is provided.    

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