Managing in a Global Environment
Global Business Our extensive "Global Business" page offers links to business information about countries around the world, as well as general information about international business.

---Company Profiles

Multinational Corporations Take a look at the global business activities of some of America's largest multinational corporations, including AT&T, Coca-Cola, General Motors, IBM and Wal-Mart and review Fortune's Global 500.


Where in the World? Browse through general and business information about countries around the world to locate your top choice of a foreign country where you would like to conduct business.

Global Business: An Extra Challenge After selecting a country, you'll uncover the extra challenges you would face in doing business there. It's a reality check on the things you need to consider before starting a business venture in a foreign country.

NAFTA: Helpful or Harmful? Since the North American Free Trade Agreement was passed in 1994, there has been a long-term debate about whether or not it has helped the United States. After reviewing arguments on both sides, you'll decide where you stand on this issue.


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