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Branding Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Branding Read a definitive breakdown of what branding is, why it is, and what it has to do wth you.

Making Your Product Stick by Southview Executive Book Summaries for Scroll down to the section, "Brand Positioning," to read about six key elements of brand positioning, such as staying "current with changing customer needs" and positioning the benefits of your product based on how your competition is positioned.


Feature Articles

21 Strategies for Retail Success Industry experts and leading retailers outline strategies traditional retailers can use to extend their success to the online world..



Top 100 Advertisers; Top 50 Internet Advertisers This article describes the growth of ad spending by business-to-business marketers because of the priority they are placing on branding.


Private Brands Versus Name Brands

Brands Versus Private Labels The brand is now the key issue, the question is whose brand will dominate, the suppliers or the retailers.

Some of the findings, which include a shift away from private label brands in upscale households, would seem to contradict the information in the next two links, "Store Brands Today" and "Private Label Market." This reminds us to view any studies with caution, especially if they are generated or sponsored by parties that may benefit from one outcome over another. For example, it's not surprising that the studies sponsored by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (see below) would present store brands in a positive way.

Store Brands Today by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA). The first part of the page provides information on the growth of store brands as measured by total revenues and percentage of items on supermarket shelves.

ACNielsen Research Finds U.S. Sales of Private Label Consumer Packaged Goods Growing Much Faster Than Branded Products Branded products still dominate, but private labels are expanding into and leading sales in more categories.


Brand Equity

Differing Role of Branding by Treasury Management International. This interesting chart shows the percentage of a firm's value generated by its branding. For example, over 50% of the entire value of companies in the food products and luxury items industries is based on their branding while less than 10% of the value of industrial firms comes from this source.

Measuring Brand Value The measurement and management of brand value has become a major issue for marketers and marketing researchers over the last several years. Brand equity encompasses a gestalt of intrinsic values, or equities, that adds to the tangible, measurable benefits delivered by a particular product or service.

Brand Valuation Explains how brand valuation is undertaken as well as some fo the benefits from undertaking such an approach.


Trademarks, Logos and Names

Name Trade This company helps companies come up with names for their brands and explains why the right name is so important.

Trademark Primer by Name Trade. This is a good place to start in learning the basic: definition of a trademark, trademark rights, how to register names and logos, trademark protection and international issues.

Moniker's story by Leigh Gallagher, Forbes, April 19, 1999 ((Forbes requires that you complete a free registration before gaining access to its articles). An up-to-date perspective on the issues surrounding company or brand names, including:

  • The sheer competition to secure a name (240,000 applications for trademarks in 1999!)
  • Lawsuits for trademark infringement
  • Applying to the government for a trademark
  • Selecting a name that does not appear too similar to an already-established one.

Procter & Gamble's Moon and Stars Trademark Evolution of P&G's "moon and stars" trademark (including pictures) and how the company tackled false rumors about its meaning.


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