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Our Technical Support Hotline puts you in touch with help for any problems you may encounter with South-Western Educational Publishing or West Educational Publishing software. If you have checked your hardware to make sure it is functioning correctly and have installed the most current drivers, but your software is still malfunctioning, contact the Technical Support Hotline.

If you need assistance access or using our resources, please reference our Resource Assistance document.

Support Options

On-Line Technical Support Fact Sheets


Mail Thomson Learning Technology Services
Thomson Distribution Center
Deliver to Front Desk
10650 Toebben Drive
Independence, KY 41051


800-423-0563 (Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., EST)



Prior to calling, faxing, or sending an email to the Hotline, please have the following information and materials ready:
  1. Brand name and model number of your computer
  2. Amount of memory (RAM) in your computer
  3. Your computer's operating system and version number (e.g. Windows 95, Mac OS 9.1)
  4. Title and ISBN/stock number of the South-Western software you are calling about
  5. Exact error messages, if any
  6. Type of drive you are running the software from
  7. Brand name and model number of your printer
  8. Any printouts related to the problem
  9. Type of network and version number (e.g., Windows NT Server 4.0, Novell 4.11)
  10. Network management system and version number (e.g. ICLAS 3.0)
  11. Related diskettes, student text, teacher's manual, user's guide, etc.

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