Fact Sheets

Listed below are the products for which we have Fact Sheets. We will be adding sheets periodically, so be sure to check back. In order to read these Fact Sheets, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin.

If the product for which you are inquiring is not listed, please try our other support options.


Version 1.0/Copyright 1999

by Sharp, Olinzock, and Santos


Internet Typing Challenge - Product has been cancelled

Copyright 1999

by FS Creations


Micropace Plus

Version 1.0/Copyright 1994

by Warner


Micropace Pro

Copyright 1998

by Warner


Microtype Pro

IBM Version 1.0/Mac Version 1.0/Copyright 1997



Version 1.0/Copyright 1999


Videostop: A Computer Applications Simulation

Version 1.0/Copyright 1995

by Crippen and Jaehne


The Office: Procedures and Technology
Version 1.0/Copyright 1999
by Oliverio, Pasework and White


Year 2000 Compliance

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