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Statistics for Business and Economics: Excel/Minitab Enhanced
Heinz Kohler
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Statistics in the News

Chapter 2: (MINITAB edition) Learning About MINITAB
MINITAB Helps Homeowner Save $5,000

Chapter 3: Finding Existing Data: From Print to the Internet
Counting Birds at the Grass Roots
Furor Over the Data Quality Act

Chapter 4 Generating New Data: Census Taking and Sampling
Census 2000 Undercount May Cost States Over $4 Billion
The Case of the Vanished Cajuns

Chapter 5 Generating New Data: Controlled Experiments
A Nightmare for Schering-Plough
Mind Over Matter?

Chapter 6 Presenting Data: Tables and Graphs
Examining the Myth of the Runaway Jury
Disability-Based Harassment Charges Rising
The Drug Industry and the War on Terrorism

Chapter 7 Presenting Data: Summary Measures
Rich Nations Insensitive to World Poverty?
Bad Idea: Getting Sick on the Weekend

Chapter 8 The Theory of Probability
State Lotteries' New Strategy

Chapter 12 Estimation
Testing for Colon Cancer
Assessing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Assessing Drugs to Fight Alzheimer's Disease

Chapter 13 Hypothesis Testing: The Classical Technique
Tobacco Advertising Targeting Youth

Chapter 15 Analysis of Variance
Comparing the Effectiveness of Insect Repellents

Chapter 17 Multiple Regression and Correlation
Assessing the Link Between Diet and Dementia in the Elderly
Survival of the Fittest
Hospital Volume and Surgical Mortality
Nurse Staffing Levels and the Quality of Hospital Care

Chapter 18 Model Building With Multiple Regression
The Value of an Oscar

Chapter 19 Time Series and Forecasting
From an Unlikely Quarter, Eco-Optimism

Chapter 20 Index Numbers
Under Fire: The Listing of "Best" U. S. Colleges

Chapter 22 Quality Control
Quality Revival, Part 2: Ford Embraces Six Sigma
MINITAB Helps Homeowner Save $5,000

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