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Statistics for Business and Economics: Excel/Minitab Enhanced
Heinz Kohler
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Quizzing and Testing

Chapter 1   The Nature of Statistics
Chapter 2   Learning About Excel
Chapter 2   Learning About MINITAB
PART II   Collecting Data
Chapter 3   Finding Existing Data: From Print to the Internet
Chapter 4   Generating New Data: Census Taking and Sampling
Chapter 5   Generating New Data: Controlled Experiments
PART III   Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 6   Presenting Data: Tables and Graphs
Chapter 7   Presenting Data: Summary Measures
PART IV   Probability Concepts: The Foundations of Inference
Chapter 8   The Theory of Probability
Chapter 9   Discrete Probability Distributions
Chapter 10   Continuous Probability Distributions
PART V   Basic Inference
Chapter 11   Sampling Distributions
Chapter 12   Estimation
Chapter 13   Hypothesis Testing: The Classical Technique
Chapter 14   Hypothesis Testing: The Chi-Square Technique
PART VI   Advanced Inference
Chapter 15   Analysis of Variance
Chapter 16   Simple Regression and Correlation
Chapter 17   Multiple Regression and Correlation
PART VII   Supplementary Topics For Economics
Chapter 18   Model Building With Multiple Regression
Chapter 19   Time Series and Forecasting
Chapter 20   Index Numbers
PART VIII   Supplementary Topics For Business
Chapter 21   Hypothesis Testing: Nonparametric Techniques
Chapter 22   Quality Control
Chapter 23   Decision Theory


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