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Statistics for Business and Economics: Excel/Minitab Enhanced
Heinz Kohler
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Video Clips

Meet Heinz Kohler by clicking on the segments below! Heinz Kohler's Statistics for Business and Economics texts offer a new exciting opportunity to present statistics. It seems only fitting that we complement his efforts with providing you an opportunity to meet Heinz and hear from the author himself about his goal for the text and thoughts on statistics.

It is our hope to provide you more videos of the author and others talking about new developments in the field, how statistics are used to help guide decisions, and where the opportunities are to apply what you will learn when using Statistics for Business and Economics by Heinz Kohler.

Take a look. We hope you will find it to be a great fit for your business statistics course. Thank you for your time.

Welcome to our web site! We are glad to have you visit and have an opportunity to meet Heinz Kohler.

How Heinz came to love business statistics
Meet Heinz Kohler who tells how he was introduced to statistics at an early age and has a great background for writing a great text.

Taking the time to write a great text
A young man who literally grew up with statistics in East Germany, escapes from there, goes on to study statistics at The University of Michigan, and writes a great business statistics text. A great story told here.

Four main features your future decision makers will need and like!
The world your future business students will live in will focus on applying decision making statistical tools in times of uncertainty. What are the main features that makes this text better?

Using the internet in Business Statistics
Did you know that according to Computer Industry Almanac, in the year 2000, over 350 million people regularly used the internet? That number is expected to grow to 800 million by 2005. Heinz Kohler is bringing that excitement to your course early in Chapter Three, Finding Existing Data: From Print to Internet.

Working with International data
For those who wish to work with international websites, you probably already know you may see a few formatting differences. You will be glad to know Heinz includes help on working with those differences.

Enhancing EXCEL with HKStat
Business Statistics Instructors know that EXCEL has some limitations when doing statistical analysis. Find out how Professor Kohler has addressed those concerns with an excellent supplement called H K Stat.

Using EXCEL AND Minitab
What if you like to solve problems in Excel and Minitab? Is this text flexible enough to do both?

Flexible, so you can create your own course sequence
In short, instructors have great flexibility in designing course outlines of their own that are well suited to their personal preferences and needs of their students. Find out how in this short clip.

A First Edition. Checking the numbers...
Heinz organized his text around a logical framework, collect the data, describe the data, learn about probabilities, and draw inferences. But you, as an instructor, may wish to reorganize this framework. Listen how you can do it.

One author, one voice, zero errors
Don't leave anything to "chance." Heinz feels very strongly about presenting a text you can rely on to be consistent and consistently accurate. A labor of love and one you and your students will appreciate in the classroom.

Heinz Kohler wrote the supplements
"100% accuracy and a perfect fit." Speaking of "chance." Why take a chance that the supplements don't match the text or have errors? Heinz also felt very strongly about presenting supplements that match the text presentation and are accurate. Everything was checked and double checked by Heinz.

Thank you
Find out more about this exciting new text. We look forward to hearing from you.

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