Web Links — Chapter 8: Performance Measurement and Strategic Information Management




Wainwright Industries www.wainwrightindustries.com  Check out Wainwright's Newsstand for various articles of interest.
ADAC Laboratories http://www.medical.philips.com/main/company/aboutus/history/adac/ ADAC Laboratories is now part of Philips Medical Systems.
Convergys www.convergys.com View public relations videos on customer care and other aspects of the company and read case studies of customer solutions.
Pearl River School District http://www.pearlriver.k12.ny.us/  You can download ca copy of their Baldrige application and the PRSD Quality Story in PowerPoint. Click on the Quality in Education link.
3M http://www.3m.com/US/ A lot of information about innovation and technology.
Merrill Lynch http://mlcc.ml.com/ Primarily a consumer site; you can read their vision and mission statements from the About MLCC link.
Florida Power and Light http://www.fpl.com/ Find the Quality and Benchmarking link to learn about recent results and current quality practices at Florida Power and Light.

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