Web Links — Chapter 5: Leadership and Strategic Planning




Solar Turbines http://esolar.cat.com/ Solar Turbines. Excerpts from Solar's Baldrige application; quality policy, and other quality-related information.
Corning www.corning.com See the Inside Corning link for Corning's values and the role of Total Quality.
Branch Smith Printing www.branchsmith.com The Baldrige link contains their application summary and FAQs about the Baldrige Award.
Johnsonville www.johnsonville.com  Did you know that Johnsonville has the world's largest touring grill that can cook 750 bratwurst at one time? They also have some unique screen savers!
Virgin www.virgin.com Check out the Virgin story and Richard Branson's autobiography from the About Us link.
General Electric Company www.ge.com A large corporate site. Contains information about GE's evolution toward quality, customer focus, and Six Sigma and "Quality Spotlights" of innovations and applications throughout the company.
GfK Custom Research Inc. http://www.customresearch.com  A small site about a small company, but insights into their values and philosophy.
The Ritz-Carlton www.ritzcarlton.com  Unless you want to explore their properties or book a room, click on the "About Us" link for company and quality-related information.
Eastman www.eastman.com A lot of technical information. If you like chemistry, check out the Fun Zone.
Armstrong www.armstrong.com Everything you need to know about floors and ceilings. Strong environmental policy can be found in the About Armstrong link.
GTE/Verizon www.gte.com GTE Directories is now Verizon. The About Verizon link has some business information.

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