Web Links — Chapter 4: Focusing on Customers




GfK Custom Research Inc. www.customresearch.com A small site about a small company, but insights into their values and philosophy.
Superquinn Supermarket Group www.superquinn.ie The corporate portion contains a profile of Feargal Quinn and a downloadable MS Word Student Information Pack with a variety of information. Their customer service philosophy is prominently described.
AVIS http://www.avis.com If you're not renting a car, click on About Avis to access information about the company, their mission and values, and awards and recognition received.
The American Customer Satisfaction Index www.theacsi.org Track the American Customer Satisfaction Index and learn the details of the process.
AT&T www.att.com The history links are interesting, with an article of the invention of the telephone, and you can view film clips of historical moments in communications history in the AT&T Labs link. Corporate governance is clearly addressed.
Fidelity www.fidelity.com Everything you need to know about investing; mostly for clients.
Southwest Airlines www.iflyswa.com Click on About SWA to read about their history, mission, and customer service commitment.
Proctor & Gamble www.pg.com See the company overview for statements of purpose, values, and principles.
The Ritz-Carlton www.ritz-carlton.com Click the "About Us" link for information about their quality philosophy and related information.
Wal-Mart www.walmart.com While mainly a commercial site, find the story of Sam's Way - the unique culture of the company.
Graniterock www.graniterock.com Read about the company's quality commitment. Homeowners might also like Graniterock Theater, "where you can learn to put your creativity to work" in home improvement projects.
Skilled Care Pharmacy www.skilledcarepharmacy.com Basic company background. The mission statement provides insight into their philosophy.
La Rosa's www.larosas.com Learn some local Cincinnati history; maybe you'll be interested in a franchise.
Amazon.com www.amazon.com If you haven't seen this site before, you might very well have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

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