Web Links — Chapter 3: Philosophies and Frameworks




Texas Namplate Company, Inc. www.nameplate.com  The Baldrige link contains their application summary, Dale Crownover's acceptance speech with the President of the United States, and other related links to quality.
Sundaram-Clayton Limited www.sundaram-clayton.com Their environmental policy is prominently linked, as is their receiving the Japan Quality Medal in 2002.
The W. Edwards Deming Institute http://www.deming.org The W. Edwards Deming Institute site provides a legacy of extensive information about the man, his philosophy, and the Deming Prize.
The Juran Institute www.juran.com  The Juran Institute site includes case studies of successful applications of quality improvement and access to many published papers for a free registration.
Philip Crosby Associates www.philipcrosby.com Access The Crosby Connection, a quarterly newsletter. Links to many articles written over the years.
Baldrige National Quality Program www.baldrige.org The site of the National Quality Program, with complete information about the Baldrige Award, articles of interest, and links to award recipients.
International Organization for Standardization www.iso.ch  The official site of the International Organization for Standardization with extensive information about ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.
The Ritz-Carlton www.ritz-carlton.com Click the "About Us" link for information about their quality philosophy and related information.
Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers www.juse.or.jp/e/deming Information on the Deming Prize, application process, and list of winners. From the JUSE home link (www.juse.or.jp) you can also find out how many QC circles are still registered throughout Japan.


European Federation for Quality Management www.efqm.org  Check out the free downloads about the EFQM Excellence Model and other informational brochures.
Canadian National Quality Institute www.nqi.ca  The Canadian National Quality Institute's site has a link to "Excellence articles" and an online Excellence Magazine.
SAI Global Professional Services www.businessexcellenceaustralia.com.au  Information about the Australian Business Excellence Award and how it is applied down under.
International Organization for Standardization www.iso.ch  The principal site for the International Organization for Standardization and news and updates about ISO 9000.
Samsung www.samsung.com The About Samsung, Company Profile link contains information on the use of technology at the company for assuring quality and other interesting information.

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