Web Links — Chapter 2: Total Quality in Organizations




Chugach School District www.chugachschools.com A lot of information about their standards-based system, innovative programs, and "Student Showcase" videos showing their approaches in action.
SSM Health Care www.ssmhc.com Download a document detailing SSM Health Care's Quality Journey and recognized best practices.
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. http://www.ritzcarlton.com  Unless you want to explore their properties or book a room, click on the "About Us" link for company and quality-related information.
Pearl River School District www.pearlriver.k12.ny.us Mostly information for district stakeholders. Click on Quality in Education link for details of their quality management processes.
Toyota www.toyota.com Besides checking out the new cars, see the company information in the About Toyota section.
Child Focus, Inc. www.child-focus.org Learn more about the organizations services and commitment to the community.
Hyundai www.hyundai-motor.com  
Ames Rubber Corporation www.amesrubber.com Most information is of interest to potential customers.
Motorola www.motorola.com A variety of information about Baldrige and the CGISS division, including a best practices summary from the Baldrige feedback report. Click the "About Motorola" link for information about the company. Information about Six Sigma can be found in the Motorola University link.
FedEx www.fedex.com Click "About FedEx" link for business information. An entire section on Social Responsibility. Interesting information about technology used in their operations.
National Committee for Quality Assurance www.ncqa.org A 10th anniversary video presents a retrospective of NCQA's impact on the health care industry, while offering a look at its immediate and long-term goals for the future.
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations www.jcaho.org  A variety of information to understand health care accreditation processes, with several features on performance measurement.
Institute for Healthcare Improvement www.ihi.org  Read the papers on "idealized design" of clinical office practices, patient flow, and other aspects of health care.
Mt. Edgecumbe High School www.mehs.educ.state.ak.us Extensive information about total quality and continuous improvement in education.
Koalaty Kid www.koalatykid.org A variety of information about the program's initiatives. "School Highlights" link takes you to short case studies of how quality tools have been used successfully.
Penn State University www.psu.edu Search on "quality" within the Web site to link to items regarding Penn State's quality efforts. Check out the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment.
University of Wisconsin - Stout www.uwstout.edu Click on the Baldrige link to go to the Center for Assessment and Continuous Improvement for a variety of Baldrige-related information.
Academic Quality Improvement Program www.aqip.org Provides details of the Academic Quality Improvement Program and its processes.
Texas Namplate Company, Inc. www.nameplate.com The Baldrige link contains their application summary, Dale Crownover's acceptance speech with the President of the United States, and other related links to quality.
American Red Cross www.redcross.org A huge amount of information about their services and operations.
City of Madison, Wisconsin www.ci.madison.wi.us\ Comprehensive site devoted to city services. See how quality improvement is addressed by the Madison Fire Department EMS system (do a search).

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