Web Links — Chapter 10: Principles of Six Sigma




Karlee www.karlee.com Small web site for a small company. Contains a section on performance excellence as well as basic information about the company's business.
Los Alamos National Bank http://www.lanb.com/ Find the Baldrige Award acceptance speech and application. Their application is one of the best-written the author's have ever seen and serves as an excellent model.
Ford www.ford.com  Information about Ford's mission and values, corporate citizenship, and partners and suppliers from the Company link.
GE Industrial Systems http://www.geindustrial.com/cwc/gefanuc/index.jsp  Click on the Six Sigma link for articles on quality and Six Sigma from the GE-Fanuc site.
American Express www.americanexpress.com  Sign up for the card, or learn about the company's initiatives for good corporate citizenship. The 2000 Annual Report discusses workplace quality.
Sunset http://www.sunsetcorp.com/ Information on lean manufacturing and a link to an article that describes Sunset's benefits from Six Sigma.

Note: Much more information on the tools and techniques in this chapter can be found through general web searching.

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