Web Links — Chapter 1: Introduction to Quality




Motorola www.motorola.com A variety of information about Baldrige and the CGISS division, including a best practices summary from the Baldrige feedback report. Click the "About Motorola" link for information about the company. Information about Six Sigma can be found in the Motorola University link.
Clarke American www.clarkeamerican.com  Check out the Company Overview and Baldrige information section for details of the company's management practices and tools they use to facilitate high performance.
Nissan www.nissanusa.com Generally a commercial site; interesting historical information. But check out the link to Nissan Global (www.nissan-global.com) for corporate information including their mission and vision statements.
Proctor & Gamble www.pg.com See the company overview for statements of purpose, values, and principles.
Ford www.ford.com Information about Ford's mission and values, corporate citizenship, and partners and suppliers from the Company link.
Xerox www.xerox.com  Standard company information. Interesting information on knowledge sharing. Click on the Knowledge Perspectives link in the About Xerox section under Company Information. out!
Karlee www.karlee.com Small web site for a small company. Contains a section on performance excellence as well as basic information about the company's business.
Skilled Care Pharmacy www.skilledcarepharmacy.com Basic company background. The mission statement provides insight into their philosophy.

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