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Toyota's Lucky Colors: Red, White, and Blue (and Green)
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Analysts expect Toyota to pass General Motors as the world's No. 1 auto company in 2007. The Japanese carmaker continuously outshines the Big Three American automakers by following the Toyota Way, a management philosophy that combines long-range thinking, continuous improvement, and keen attention to marketing trends—especially trends associated with the colors red, white, blue, and green.
(Updated March 2007)
So You Want to Be in Pictures
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Since iPod's introduction in 2001, millions of consumers have experienced the excitement of mobile digital entertainment. Now, with the recent launch of digital movie downloads at iTunes and Amazon Unbox, millions more are expected to join the ever-growing throng of the digiterati.
(Updated October 2006)
Natural Foods Marketers Getting Lesson on Organics
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Look out Whole Foods and Wild Oats, there's a new kid on the organics block.
(Updated August 2006)
Simon's Back!
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Television viewers are breathing easier now that brash talent mogul Simon Cowell is signed on for five more seasons of the ratings-busting reality show "American Idol." The British-born A&R rep-turned-TV icon appeared ready to leave the program going into the 2006 season, but execs at Fox convinced the acerbic Idol judge to keep his multimillion dollar day job.
(Updated April 2006)
The Coming 'Macintel' Revolution
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After years of deriding the microprocessor technology behind the Windows-Intel empire, Apple CEO Steve Jobs pulled a one-eighty and announced that all new Mac computers will run on chips manufactured by semiconductor giant Intel Corp. Analysts believe that the strategic alliance is vitally important for each firm in light of emerging trends in computing and digital entertainment.
(Updated July 2005)
Clash of the Video-Game Titans
Full Summary
The new video game machines are launching this year, and the race is on for the hearts and trigger fingers of gamers everywhere. Microsoft will be first out of the gate this fall with Xbox 360, but Sony and Nintendo are to follow soon thereafter with the much-anticipated PlayStation 3 and Revolution game consoles. So what's at stake in this heated competition? Nothing less than total control of our living rooms.
(Updated June 2005)
P&G's Hair-raising Acquisition
Full Summary
Procter & Gamble recently announced the largest acquisition in its history, agreeing to buy Gillette in a $57 billion deal that will further strengthen the greatest consumer-products company in the world. The move helps fill out P&G's strategy of providing products for the entire household, and may lead to a sea change in the marketing of men's shavers.
(Updated April 2005)
Shock-Jock Proclaims the "Death" of AM/FM Radio
Full Summary
Self-proclaimed "king of all media" Howard Stern recently announced that he is packing up his 12 million commercial-radio listeners and heading to Sirius satellite radio. While the controversial Stern may have overstated the event by declaring the "death" of AM/FM radio during his announcement to the press, industry analysts have suggested that more defections from the AM and FM dials could take place if the Federal Communications Commission continues to crackdown on content.
(Updated 11/01/04)
Abercrombie Drops Sex, Adds Sophistication
Full Summary
Specialty retailer Abercrombie & Fitch plans to roll out a new chain store division in 2005, a move that will add a third chain to its current chain stores for the popular A&F and Hollister product lines. The strategy of creating a new apparel division comes in response to lagging A&F sales. The slowdown with the A&F line is believed to be due to controversial catalog marketing practices, high prices, and increased competition in casual sportswear apparel.
(Updated 8/27/04)
The Latest Buzz about Burt's Bees
Full Summary
Just months after selling the majority of Burt's Bees to a New York investment firm, co-founder Roxanne Quimby says she will lead the Durham, North Carolina company through a major expansion as it pushes its products into more mainstream markets. While longtime buyers of Quimby's earth-friendly personal care products suggest she "sold out" to big business, the company's expansive new marketing and distribution strategies are sure to make Burt's Bees products available to more consumers than ever before.
(Updated 2/17/04)
New Apple Products: Two Peas in iPod
Full Summary
Apple Computer has once again demonstrated its ability to see the future-only this time Apple's prescience is towards the future of music. Apple's new iPod and iTunes are leading the way in online music sales and distribution.
(Updated 10/07/03)
That's a Big 10-4: Walkie-Talkies Are Back
Full Summary
U.S. mobile-phone carrier Nextel is winning over families and youth to its push-to-talk mobile-phone services. Like the popular walkie-talkies of the 1970s, Nextel's cell phones have the capability for immediate connection with subscribers in the network, making the service the most convenient in the wireless phone industry.
(Updated 10/07/03)
Satellite Radio is Sirius Business
Full Summary
Imagine driving from San Francisco to New York City without ever having to change the radio station, listen to static, or endure mind-numbing commercials. Such is the promise of satellite radio, and the XM and Sirius Satellite Radio companies are the two main firms looking to deliver on this promise and change the way we listen to radio.
(Updated 10/07/03)
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