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Frozen Biscuits Short on Food Prep, Long on Taste
Full Summary
Unable to find the time to prepare a home-baked meal? General Mills makes food prep quicker and easier, without compromising taste.
(Updated October 2006)
Great Brands Aren't Born, They're Made
Full Summary
From Gerber and Google to Eggo and iPod, the best brands offer a mix of familiarity, trust, and quality. Fortune magazine singles out top brands and examines why they are successful.
(Updated January 2006)
Food Packaging Friendly to Health, Environment
Full Summary
According to a popular trade journal, the food industry can expect to see numerous packaging developments in the upcoming year. A preview of early prototypes reveals that 2006 package designs will focus on improved freshness, convenience, and the environment.
(Updated September 2005)
The Revenge of George Lucas
Full Summary
Hollywood got its first blockbuster of the year as ''Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith'' scored a box-office record four-day opening of $158.5 million. Although ticket sales hit an all-time high with "Sith," the true earnings potential of George Lucas' six-part series lies in the estimated $9 billion in toys and other products sold through film merchandising.
(Updated June 2005)
It's Finger Lickin' Good Again
Full Summary
After enduring a prolonged public backlash against fried foods, fast-food giant KFC is returning to the finger-licking home-style cooking of the past that made it great. The Louisville, Kentucky-based chain plans to open 50 new restaurants under its old moniker, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and representatives for the company say that the newly-countrified stores will be Southern-inspired, both in menu and hospitality.
(Updated May 2005)
Move over Barbie, Here Come the Bratz
Full Summary
MGA Entertainment's ultra-fashionable Bratz dolls are the talk of the toy store. Complete with bare midriffs, bee-stung lips, trendy duds, and funky names, the Bratz epitomize the 21st century girl--sassy and self-aware. Since their debut, over 50 million Bratz dolls have been sold, and MGA is now taking the phenomenon beyond mere dolls and accessories to world-wide licensing agreements and the big screen.
(Updated August 2004)
'You're Fired!' —Trump's Newest Trademark
Full Summary
Donald Trump's signature phrase from the successful reality television show "The Apprentice" may soon be trademarked like other phrases such as Wendy's' "Where's the beef?" and Nike's "Just do it." As a result, fans should expect to see the phrase "You're fired!" emblazoned on everything from games and casino services to clothing.
(Updated April 2004)
Jobs and Fiorina: The King and Queen of Digital Music
Full Summary
Apple Computer and Hewlett-Packard's recently forged partnership to brand and co-market Apple's iPod digital-music player is giving analysts reason to think that Steve Jobs and Carly Fiorina may just be the new monarchs of digital music.
(Updated January 2004)
Building Brands: a Lost Art?
Full Summary
Has brand development lost its creative edge? Some analysts say "yes," if Disney and McDonald's are any indication. Disney and McDonald's, once considered the third and forth most valuable brands in the world, have produced little to excite consumers as of late, and may plummet off the top-10 charts if they don't rediscover the lost art of good brand-development.
(Updated October 2003)
Information is Key in New Brand Paradigm
Full Summary
Peace of mind about a purchase occurs when information is provided that helps the customer make a personal or emotional connection with a brand. For every size and type of organization, the realization of harnessing intellectual capital means something slightly different, but it starts with the mindset that information is the brand's most valuable asset.
(Updated October 2003)
Packaging: Hide It Under a Bushel? No!
Full Summary
In today's hostile marketing environment where attempts to communicate the brand are being drowned out by increasing audience fragmentation, multiplied media choices, and over-consumption, packaging needs to take a more central role for expressing the meaning of the brand.
(Updated October 2003)
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