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Data-mining Central to Kroger Rebound Strategy

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Kroger is no longer the nation's top grocer, but the Cincinnati-based supermarket chain hasn't given up hope for regaining its No.1 status. Execs at the grocery say that data mining technology will play a key role in its comeback effort.
(Updated November 2006)
Buzz-tracking Firms Use Web to Rate TV

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For years television networks have paid rapt attention to the Nielsen ratings to help guide programming decisions. But some networks have begun hiring new breed of ratings services that use the Internet to measure viewer engagement and "chatter" just as it bubbles to the surface.
(Updated February 2006)
Conducting Market Research on the Cheap

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Businesses need reliable market research to hit the mark with prospects. But if costly surveys and focus groups aren't within a firm's financial reach, there are other creative, budget-friendly ways to get to know one's market and target audience.
(Updated 8/27/04)
ESPN Survey: Sports Viewership Vastly Underreported

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A new ESPN-sponsored study shows that sports television viewership is vastly underreported because measurements do not record viewers in out-of-home locations such as bars, airports, and college dorms. Total viewership jumps markedly when these additional locations are included, especially among 18-to-34-year-olds because nearly10 million college students watch TV in locations other than their homes.
(Updated 8/1/04)
Viagra and Cialis Engaged in Battle of the Bulge

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For those consumers old enough to remember the popular head-to-head taste trials between Pepsi and Coke, a new contest is shaping up to capture the attention--and market share--of the general public. Only, this time, it's not about which cola tastes best, but which erectile dysfunction (ED) oral treatment lasts the longest and provides the fewest side effects. And while a contest between Cialis and Viagra may not rise to the stature of the "Pepsi Challenge" of past decades, the theater of it all may prove equally dramatic--especially for a consumer public accustomed to the bare-it-all marketing antics behind pop phenom Janet Jackson and "Survivor" star Richard Hatch.
(Updated 5/1/04)
The Not-So-United Colors of Benetton

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The Benetton Group, Italy's most eccentric clothier famous for politically-charged advertising campaigns and brightly-colored knit fashions, has faced difficulties in recent years, chasing misguided strategies and failing to keep pace with emerging trends in the clothing industry. The company now seeks to cut losses and reinvent itself in hopes of maintaining its survival while establishing new relevance for the next generation.
(Updated 1/15/04)
Do-It-Yourself Market Analysis
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Informative market research is vital for developing businesses and launching products in new markets. While a variety of primary and secondary data sources such as focus groups and demographic reports can be used to help inform strategic decisions, business leaders must first decide on what kind of information to gather. With some basic guidelines in mind, a simple analysis is something you can do yourself to get the plan moving forward.
(Updated 10/07/03)
Pre-Schoolers Getting Premium Brands
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The world of pre-schoolers is dramatically different than it was even a decade ago. Research is showing that first-time mothers are older, have more money, fewer children, and spend more time working. This has led to them purchasing more premium brands for their pre-schoolers than ever before.
(Updated 10/07/03)
A New Commandment for Comfort Footwear: "Know Thy Customer"
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In an effort to increase their market share, brands such as Ecco, Birkenstock, Aerosoles and Easy Spirit are stepping up market research, conducting focus groups and holding online surveys in an all-out effort to learn more about current customers and find ways to entice prospective ones.
(Updated 10/07/03)
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