Losing Nemo: Pixar Dumps Disney
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News Story 

Pixar and Disney have given moviegoers some of the greatest animated films in history, from Toy Story to last year's Finding Nemo, hauling in a total of $2.6 billion at the box office. It came as a shock when the two entertainment giants recently announced an end to their long and lucrative partnership. The studios still have a profit-sharing deal, but Pixar decided to pick up its toys and go elsewhere.

Company sources blamed the split in part on strained relations between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Disney CEO Michael Eisner and in part due to intractable business differences. Jobs walked away from the table knowing that other studios would jump at a chance to get in business with Pixar, and rumors are swirling that Pixar is talking to media companies such as Warner and 20th Century Fox. Other unverified reports claim Jobs might even want to run Disney. Whatever the case, the creator of animated classics such as Finding Nemo will be finding a new business partner in the very near future.

(February, 2004)


According to the article, what marketing synergies will Pixar and Disney lose as a result of this split?

Source Steve Daly, "Losing Nemo: Pixar dumps Disney--leaving our fave fish up in the air," Entertainment Weekly, Feb 13, 2004 i751 p14.
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