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Galaxy Lit Up By European Star
Full Summary
What do the Los Angeles Galaxy and Spain's Real Madrid have in common? One of the biggest stars in sports has shined on them both.
(Updated April 2007)
Where Ad Mascots Go for a Makeover
Full Summary
From "Buzz," the Honey Nut Cheerios bee, to the Pillsbury Doughboy, many classic ad mascots in need of a makeover turn to Character Studios to have their public images enhanced. But unlike in the world of TV makeovers, where the all the surgical suspense climaxes at the final big reveal segment, Character's brand makeovers aren't fully appreciated until the changes are reflected in the bottom line.
(Updated October 2006)
Elvis and Dolly Tout Tennessee Tourism
Full Summary
Through the magic of digital technology, Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton recently appeared together in an ad to promote tourism in their home state of Tennessee. The 30-second commercial, which touts the state's cultural heritage by pairing two famous Tennesseans, was the first time Elvis has appeared digitally with another celebrity in a TV commercial.
(Updated May 2006)
Court Clears Way for Wireless Users
Full Summary
A high-profile legal battle reached a dramatic conclusion last month, as a major North American wireless company made financial concessions in court that averted a near communications blackout for 3 million of its customers.
(Updated April 2006)
Detroit Feeling 'Dissed' by Super Bowl Halftime Show
Full Summary
When Super Bowl XL marched through Detroit this year, the game's halftime entertainment offered not even a nod to the city's rich musical heritage. Instead of staging theatrical tributes to Motown, Madonna or Eminem, NFL marketers treated viewers to classic hits by aged British-Invasion rockers The Rolling Stones. Should the NFL do more to promote Super Sunday's hosting cities?
(Updated February 2006)
Pro Bowling's 'It Girl'
Full Summary
Professional golf has Annika Sorenstam, and NASCAR has Danica Patrick. Now, pro bowling has its premier superwoman of the game: Liz Johnson. The 5'7" bowler from Cheektowaga, New York is the latest female pro athlete to prove that she can play with the boys.
(Updated January 2006)
Jay-Z the CEO--Fo' Shizzle My Bizzle
Full Summary
Rapper by night, entrepreneur by day, Shawn Carter--better known as Jay-Z--is one of those rare individuals who possesses an equal amount of street smarts and business savvy. As a successful hip-hop artist and Def Jam Recordings CEO, Carter has demonstrated that he is as comfortable selling records as he is making them.
(Updated October 2005)
A Cadillac for Five-Hundred Dollars?
Full Summary
How does one of the world's most recognized automobile companies reach out to young audiences that either can't afford or aren't old enough to drive its luxurious, high-performance vehicles? It sells them high-performance bicycles.
(Updated September 2005)
Michael Jackson's Broken Brand
Full Summary
Michael Jackson hasn't produced a hit song in years and, despite his recent acquittal from numerous molestation charges, analysts believe the Jackson brand is damaged permanently. Can the King of Pop recover his lost kingdom?
(Updated July 2005)
Apple Rocks--Again!
Full Summary
With its white-hot iPod music players, speedy G5 computers, and eye-popping advertising campaigns that included the legendary U2, Apple Computer was one of the most impressive companies of 2004. In recognition of Apple's groundbreaking innovation and ballooning revenues, Advertising Age has named the Cupertino, CA computer-maker 2004 Marketer of the Year.
(Updated February 2005)
Kmart and Sears: A Marriage of Convenience
Full Summary
Department store behemoths Kmart and Sears have tied the knot together in a merger that will create the nation's third largest retailer. The initial reaction from Wall Street has been generally positive as some analysts foresee new synergies forming that could help the struggling retailers survive in a competitive sector dominated by Wal-Mart and Target.
(Updated November 2004)
Crass Commercialism: Does it Really Work?
Full Summary
Businesses seeking to promote brands often link products to popular events, movies, TV shows, hip trends--to just about anything, really. One would assume this commercialism must be extremely profitable to megacorporations spending collective billions to name the Fiesta Bowl after Tostitos chips, have Simon Cowell drink Coca-Cola, or show E.T. eating Reese's Pieces on the big screen. But do sponsorships and product placements really work, or are they just overrated opportunities to fritter away marketing budgets on pop-culture fads?
(Updated 8/1/04)
No Mickey Mousing Around at McDonald's
Full Summary
Things are looking up at McDonald's. Sales are up, and the burger franchise is moving on to bigger and better ideas after nearly a decade of failed Disney tie-ins and humdrum Happy Meal promotions.
(Updated 7/1/04)
Losing Nemo: Pixar Dumps Disney
Full Summary
Pixar and Disney shocked the business world recently by announcing an end to their long and lucrative partnership. During their 13-years together, the entertainment giants had given moviegoers some of the greatest animated films in history, from Toy Story to last year's Finding Nemo. Citing numerous business differences as the reason for the split with Disney, Pixar is now on the hunt for an even bigger partner to help market its wildly popular animated features.
(Updated 2/17/04)
For MTV, A Kiss Not Just a Kiss
Full Summary
What does Madonna have to do with the current state of marketing? Everything. While it wasn't exactly Bogart and Bergman, Madonna's open-mouthed kiss with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at a recent MTV Music Video Awards gala was more than a kiss-it was a flawless execution of MTV's brand strategy.
(Updated 10/07/03)
The Past and Future History of Marketing
Full Summary
When comparing the marketing methods of the past with today's sophisticated marketing efforts it's easy to wonder how anything ever got sold. Yet looking ahead to the future of marketing, it's easy to imagine that products might be capable of selling themselves. What will an integrated marketing promotion campaign look like in 25 years? It's hard to say for sure, but it certainly won't look anything like the archaic marketing methods of the past century.
(Updated 10/07/03)
Are you Ready for some Football? The Nation's Capital Sells Out.
Full Summary
Great moments in National Football League history aren't normally associated with Aretha Franklin, Aerosmith and other pop stars. However, all that may be changing as NFL marketers work overtime to hype professional football with star-studded concert events.
(Updated 10/07/03)
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