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Automakers' Promotional Budgets in Need of Overhaul
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Developing an optimal promotional budget requires knowing which elements of the promotional mix are most likely to connect with target customers. A recent study by Boston's Compete Inc.--a marketing research firm with customers including DaimlerChrysler, Nissan, and Toyota--has concluded that automakers' promotional budgets are in need of a major overhaul.
(Updated November 2006)
Eau de Jeter?
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Avon Products, Inc. recently announced that it has partnered with New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter to create a signature men's fragrance. The new scent, named Driven, is designed to capture the unique personality of one of the most driven men in America.
(Updated August 2006)
'Twas the Season to be Politically Correct
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Retailers were caught in the culture wars this past holiday season, as merchandisers attempting to mix business and political correctness banned the mention of "Christmas" from stores. The move unwittingly alienated millions of holiday customers, analysts noted.
(Updated January 2006)
SpongeBob Kidnappings Grip Nation
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In an unusual crime spree, sponge-nappers have removed dozens of inflatable SpongeBob SquarePants figures from Burger King roofs across the country. It is uncertain who is responsible for the sponge-nappings or why they want the toothy Nickelodeon character, but investigators are on the case. The burger giant is insisting that the recent heist is not a publicity stunt.
(Updated January 2005)
Coke Delivers "All the Great Taste" with Half the Carbs
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Coca-Cola recently introduced its new low-carb C2 cola in the company's most aggressive media blitz since Diet Coke was released in the early 1980s. The cola giant supported C2's rollout with a marketing campaign that included television, radio, outdoor, cinema and Internet advertising--a virtual armada of media vessels deployed to announce that C2 has half the carbohydrates, calories and sugar of regular cola, and "all the great taste" of Coca-Cola.
(Updated 8/1/04)
By Any Means Necessary: Integrated Marketing Gets Job Done
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While erectile dysfunction (ED) ads are popping up everywhere, one small biotech company is using a variety of integrated marketing tools, from press releases to PGA golf sponsorships, to place its new ED treatment toe-to-toe with competing treatments from dominant pharmaceutical giants.
(Updated 5/1/04)
Making and Idol of Integrated Marketing Communications
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The three biggest sponsors of hit Fox series American Idol--Coca-Cola, Ford and AT&T Wireless--will be back for the newest installment, each reportedly making a $20 million-plus gamble that the show will continue to generate huge ratings and water-cooler buzz. The advertisers are finding new and creative ways to wrap brands in and around the action, hoping audiences will associate products with the show's lively talent and enigmatic judge.
(Updated 2/17/04)
Creative Media Combos Help Consumers Get the Message
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With media clutter at an all-time high, creativity is not just a nice-to-have extra-it's a flat-out necessity. If advertising and promotion efforts are to succeed in markets saturated with promotional messages, marketers must find smart ways to coordinate campaigns around the immediate needs of consumers, reaching them at times of peak interest.
(Updated 10/01/03)
The New Mods-Vespas No Longer Just for the Terminally Hip
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First launched in 1946 as a frugal transportation alternative for war-weary Italians, the Vespa motor scooter is now the epitome of Euro-chic. Once the vehicles of choice for actors in Italian art films of the '60s and '70s, Vespas are again lending their urbane cool to hip riders around the globe-and even to the not-so-hip riders of the world.
(Updated 10/01/03)
Tattoos, TV Spots, and Talent Competitions
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Recent campaigns by Campbell's Soup, Sbarro, and Cartoon Networks capitalize on the diverse array of advertising and promotion options available to marketers today. From humorous TV spots and instant prize games, to plush getaway sweepstakes and in-store displays, today's biggest brands combine a broad spectrum of media tools to make the connection with consumers.
(Updated 10/01/03)
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