The In Be-"Tweens"
Topic Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Key Words Targeting, consumer segmentation, tweens
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We've all heard of the "boomers," the "busters," the "x-ers" and "y-ers" - but what in the world are the "tweens"? The "tweens" are a new segment of young teen consumers that marketers have identified and marked as a multi-billion-dollar opportunity.

Marketers routinely divide markets into small homogeneous groups of notable size and purchasing power. Boomers for example-Americans around aged 55 and up-are an example of a huge population group with immense purchase power. Tweens, while a smaller group of the population, represent an emerging market on the other side of the age spectrum.

Marketers identify groups like the boomers and tweens to find a way promote to and serve the needs of those particular consumers. They aim for those segments whose preferences match a firm's brands and product lines, and often develop brand new product lines to have products to offer to identifiable market segments.


What are the defining characteristics of tweens?


What kinds of products are likely to appeal to tweens, and why?

Source Jill Bruss, "Deep (denim) pockets: there's a new market out there, with money to spend," Private Label Buyer, May 2003, v17 i5 p50(1).
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