Spider Man Casts Web over Japan
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Key Words International marketing environment, multidomestic marketing strategy
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The much-anticipated Spider Man movie series is back in full swing, as the film's third installment featuring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst opened recently to packed audiences worldwide.

In an unusual twist, Sony Pictures staged the Spider Man 3 global premiere in Tokyo, Japan, weeks ahead of the U.S. launch. The overseas premiere marked the first time Sony has launched such a high-profile film outside the U.S. The move indicates that filmmakers are increasingly looking to boost returns from international markets, especially as the North American box office continues its downward trend. The number of screens in Japan showing the super hero adventures was more than 400, Sony sources said.

Sony marketers have reason to be confident about their strategy shift for the release of the star-studded film. Sony's first two Spider-Man flicks combined for $830 million in foreign markets, and the Japanese showings alone grossed $64.1 million and $57.3 million respectively for the first two films. Distributors expect Spider Man 3 to gross over $78 million in Japan.


What factors do marketers consider before deciding whether or not to conduct business in foreign markets?


Why has the Spider Man movie series been so successful overseas, in your opinion? If you were a marketer for Sony Pictures, would you adopt a multidomestic marketing strategy or a global marketing strategy to promote the film worldwide? Explain.

Source Mark Schilling; Dave McNary, "O'seas preem power: H'w'd relies more on global launches (Sony holds world premier of "Spider-Man 3")," Daily Variety, March 6, 2007 v294 i47 p1(2)
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