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Rechargeables Strong Despite Lithium Cell Meltdown
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Global demand for lithium-based secondary batteries will reach $12.95 billion in 2010, up from $6.67 billion in 2005. The strong demand comes despite a massive recall on lithium-ion battery packs due to overheating malfunctions discovered in Dell, Apple, and Toshiba computers.
(Updated April 2007)
What's Black and White and Dead All Over?
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The future looks bleak for America's traditional news media: Their audiences are shrinking; they face vigorous new competitors like blogs, cable, and talk radio; and they have endured scandals like fake news and counterfeit sources. Is the death knell ringing for traditional news sources?
(Updated April 2006)
Will Coffee-Flavored Beverage Keep Coke in the Blak?
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As part of its aggressive 2006 marketing strategy, The Coca-Cola Company recently unveiled Coca-Cola Blak, a refreshing new cola-coffee drink targeted to coffee-lovers in the 35-and-up demographic. The leading beverage company hopes the new cola drink will provide a jolt to its slumping sales and share price.
(Updated February 2006)
Space-age Inventions Clean House
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Designed to relieve consumers of backbreaking jobs, a new line of space-age machines perform a variety of cleaning tasks around the home and office--on their own power. The award-winning appliances are so advanced that they call to mind futuristic scenes from "Star Wars" and "The Jetsons."
(Updated January 2006)
VHS Finally Going Way of the Betamax
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After years of impressive VCR sales, big-name retailers are finally phasing out their supply of VHS players and cassettes. Best Buy and Circuit City recently liquidated their stock of VHS products, and rumors are circulating that Wal-Mart and Target are next in line to cut VHS inventories in favor of superior DVD products.
(Updated July 2005)
Do Buyers Know Best?
Full Summary
Whether they are selling cars, toys or fast food, today's companies are tapping consumers as never before to help them create new products.
(Updated April 2005)
Memo to Managers: No More Gimmicks!
Full Summary
The year 2004 produced numerous examples of desperate marketing as pressured advertisers threw everything but kitchen sink at consumers to get their attention. In an environment where capitalist-driven modernity creates enough clutter to drown out even the most carefully crafted messages, it is tempting to look for any gimmick that can break through. However, according to some analysts, this year's top marketers will be those who reject gimmicks and come up with true brand-building ingenuity.
(Updated February 2005)
Consumers Clamor for New Products, but Can Marketers Deliver?
Full Summary
A recent study by research firm Markitecture shows that, contrary to popular thought, consumers by a two-to-one margin enjoy trying new product concepts. While consumers are clamoring to try anything new, however, some marketers are expressing a lack of confidence in their ability to deliver successful new products.
(Updated November 2004)
George Foreman's Latest Knockout Punch
Full Summary
America's preeminent pitchman and two-time heavyweight boxing champ, George Foreman, has given his endorsement to everything from mufflers and exercise equipment, to fat-reducing "lean mean grilling machines." What's next for the heavyweight champion? Foreman's latest licensing agreement has him going from the electric frying pan into the fiery competition of household cleaning products.
(Updated 7/1/04)
Hollywood Gets 'Passion'-ate about Faith-based Films
Full Summary
Now that 'The Passion of the Christ' has grossed over $200 million, it has officially reached blockbuster status by Hollywood's standards, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to start thinking about a sequel. The astounding success of director Mel Gibson's controversial film depicting the final hours of Jesus Christ has everyone wondering if Hollywood is about to get religion.
(Updated 4/1/04)
SUV Gives Porsche a Tow
Full Summary
While lagging sales of Porsche's Boxter and 911 series has analysts concerned about the sports-car icon's near term profitability, an unlikely new Porsche, the Cayenne sport-utility vehicle, is making a heroic rescue of the auto maker's bottom line.
(Updated 1/15/04)
It's Never a Bad Time for Luxury Watches
Full Summary
The luxury watch market never seems to have bad timing. Even in periods of recession the demand for high-end timepieces maintains a steady tick. And so does advertising. Ads for luxury-watch brands have been on the rise recently, and industry observers expect the trend to continue.
(Updated 10/01/03)
Ready for Takeoff - Launching New Products
Full Summary
According to some analysts, the next great consumer-products hit will be DVD recorders. The only question is when. Their take-off point could come anytime, but the public shouldn't expect them to fly off the shelves everywhere. According to the latest research, there are surprisingly national differences in the way new products perform.
(Updated 10/01/03)
Absolut Success
Full Summary
The Absolut brand has become a marketer's case study. It is arguably the single strongest vodka identity in the world, having risen to fame on an Andy Warhol-inspired ad campaign now in the 25th year of its wildly successful run. Moving forwards, Absolut needs to build on its iconic stature and reputation to propel growth across the world.
(Updated 10/01/03)
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