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Topic Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Key Words Targeting, business-to-business markets
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Associations are providing new opportunities to marketers. With nine out of 10 Americans belonging to some group such as the AARP or the NEA, associations are seeking to partner with outside businesses to offer products and services that attract and retain group members. To partnering companies, associations can help leverage their marketing efforts, allowing access to exclusive association channels.

Research shows that marketers are beginning to benefit from reaching out to association members. Visa USA discovered it could get a response rate of 3% to 8% pitching association-based cards, far higher than the 1% to 2% for standard credit card offers. Travelers Property Casualty of Hartford, Connecticut, whose single largest affinity customer is the AAA, predicts that by 2010 association marketing activities will bring in 20% of its total premiums.

Marketers seeking to reach the members of associations should study how societal trends, civic participation, race and social class affect association membership and participation. By understanding the unique interests and values characteristic of associations, businesses will be more capable of delivering the products and services that they want.


What information do businesses need to know about associations to help guide marketing efforts towards them?

Source David Smagalla, "Tapping into association marketing," MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer 2003, v44 i4 p8(2).
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