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Russia-backed Gazprom Enters Sakhalin II Project
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After months of pressure from Moscow, Royal Dutch Shell has ceded control of the Sakhalin II liquefied gas reserve located in the far east of Russia. Moscow-backed Gazprom now owns the majority stake. Analysts say Vladimir Putin's decisive move to take back ownership of Russia's oil-and-gas assets signals an end to foreign ownership of Russian energy.
(Updated April 2007)
Businesses Targeted for Enhanced Communication Software
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AOL was among the first companies to bring the Internet to everyday consumers. Now the online division of Time Warner Inc. has partnered with a top collaboration-software company to create Net-enabled enterprise tools for business.
(Updated May 2006)
Going After the Corporate Customer
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Microsoft Corp. and its longtime rival in the mobile software market, Palm Inc. recently announced that Palm's new Treo 700 mobile phone will be powered by Microsoft's Windows software. Officers at the tech firms believe that the new agreement could lead to Treo's dominance of the handheld computer market.
(Updated October 2005)
Toilet Campaign a Flushing Success
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People rarely get excited about their toilets. But industrial-goods maker American Standard and ad agency Carmichael Lynch may have changed that, once and for all. The partners' humorous B2B marketing campaign developed for American Standard's high-end, water-conserving toilet has transformed the ordinary household commode into a heroic icon.
(Updated July 2005)
How to Squash a Blackberry
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In the world of personal digital assistants (PDAs), it's hard to beat Research in Motion's ubiquitous Blackberry wireless communications device. In fact, the company's over two million subscribers zealous for Blackberry's phone, data, and Internet capabilities have some analysts wondering if any company or product will ever be able to squash the handheld's dominance in the market.
(Updated November 2004)
B2B Marketers Shy towards Online Ad Spending
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According to a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Internet ad spending is set to reach $10.1 billion in 2004, a 38.9 percent jump over the same period last year, and topping the record 2000 take. The new research shows that Internet ad revenue is real and marketers mean business. Nevertheless, business-to-business marketers have largely remained on the sidelines during this online ad-spending boom, allocating less than 10 percent of ad budgets to online media. Continuing caution about demand from B2B customers appears to be the reason for reticence from companies that serve business markets.
(Updated 8/2704)
Where Uncle Sam Goes to Shop
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For the average consumer looking to purchase clothes or household goods, stores like Target and Kohl's are favorite shopping destinations. But where does the U.S. Government go shopping? Where does one go to buy next-generation submarine-destroying aircraft?
(Updated 7/1/04) the World's Largest E-Commerce Services Provider?
Full Summary
When most people think of they often think of Amazon's tag line: "The World's Largest Bookstore." Yet the online giant has become much more in recent years. Amazon announced that it expects to become a major provider of e-commerce services to other businesses, a goal far afield from being a mere online bookseller.
(Updated 10/01/03)
Sponsors Use NBC's "Restaurant" to Gain Attention of Small-Business Owners
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While critics suggest that the sponsors of NBC's "The Restaurant" don't accurately portray the realities associated with start-up businesses, TV viewers don't seem to mind-and neither do the show's sponsors. American Express, Coors, and Mitsubishi are simply out to attract the attention of a whole new audience of young entrepreneurs, not create award-winning documentaries. Who expects reality on TV reality shows anyway?
(Updated 10/01/03)
B-to-B Marketers Come Late to Segmentation Game
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Analysts of consumer markets have long known the benefits of database segmentation. Armed with extensive customer data, these researchers have perfected the science of identifying prospects that represent the likeliest buyers or most attractive future customers. Yet according to industry experts, business-to-business marketers have tended to overlook the value of such analysis, and may be coming late to the segmentation game.
(Updated 10/01/03)
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