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Contemporary Marketing, 11e
by Boone & Kurtz

Instructor Resources

Test Bank and ExamView Testing Software
Test Bank: ISBN: 0-324-18945-1
ExamView: ISBN: 0-324-18949-4
Providing over 4,000 total questions, the test bank fills every need you have in testing your students on the chapter contents. Each chapter of the test bank is organized following the chapter objectives and every question is categorized by type of question (including application, comprehension, and knowledge-based multiple choice, true/false, and essay) and text page reference. The Examview Testing Software is a Windows-based software program that is both easy to use and attractive. You won't believe that testing software has come this far!

Instructor's Manual
ISBN: 0-324-18942-7
Completely Revised! Each chapter of the IM now begins with an introduction to the chapter and a concise guide to changes in the new 11th edition. Following this easy transition guide, instructors will find a complete set of teaching tools. Each chapter contains the following teaching tools:
  • Annotated chapter objectives: a quick summary of each objective for the instructor that also shows how it relates to the rest of the chapter materials.
  • Detailed lecture outline that includes suggestions for use of other appropriate support materials for each lecture. These support materials include additional examples, articles, activities, discussion suggestions, transparencies, and PowerPoint presentation slides.

In addition, the Instructor’s Manual includes complete solutions to all the end-of-chapter questions, teamwork projects, ’netWork assignments, cases, and video cases.

Media Instructor's Manual
ISBN: 0-324-18943-5
This Media Instructor’s Manual includes everything you’ll need to help you use all of the media products that accompany Contemporary Marketing, 11e to the fullest. Each chapter includes a comprehensive guide for incorporating each of the media elements available for this product:

  • The 19 video cases
  • The seven Krispy Kreme continuing case segments, each related to a different part in the text
  • Web site resources
  • E-lectures
  • And the PowerPoint Presentation slides with embedded video.
Transparency Acetates with Teaching Notes
ISBN: 0-324-18944-3
More than 200 full-color transparency acetates are available to support each chapter in Contemporary Marketing, 11e. The transparencies consist of figures and ads from the text as well as special content acetates outlined specifically for Contemporary Marketing, 11e. Included with the transparency acetates is a complete set of teaching notes describing how best to use them in a classroom lecture or discussion.

PowerPoint Presentation Software with Embedded Video CD-ROM
ISBN: 0-324-18946-X
After reviewing competitive offerings, the authors are convinced that the Contemporary Marketing, 11e PowerPoint Presentation is clearly, one of the best you’ll find. It provides a complete teaching experience for instructors and a memorable learning experience for students. Each chapter of the presentation contains chapter objectives, the main concepts of the chapter outlined and explained, many figures from the text to enhance student learning, and embedded web links and videos that give students a strong complete visual presentation of the chapters’ main concepts. Each chapter ends with a clearly presented summation of the chapter objectives and key concepts from the chapter.

Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM
ISBN: 0-324-18947-8
It’s so easy to organize your support materials when they’re all in one place! New with this edition of the text, is an Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM that contains all of the key instructor supplements: Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, Examview Testing Software, PowerPoint Presentation without video, and Media Instructor’s Manual.

WebTutor Advantage
ISBN: 0-324-19123-5- WebTutor Advantage on WebCT
ISBN: 0-324-19122-7-WebTutor Advantage on Blackboard

WebTutor Advantage puts you ahead of the game in providing online course management for you and online learning for your students. It contains all of the interactive study guide components that you could ever want and many valuable technology-oriented additions you never thought you’d get!

End-of-Chapter Video Cases
ISBN: 0-324-18948-6
Each of the 19 videos was professionally produced and are tied directly to the key concepts in each chapter. Each video case is new and highlights marketers as tiny as lobster marketer Ipswich Shellfish and as large as toy maker Fisher-Price. Each video gives students a glimpse into how marketers actually work, strategize, and meet challenges in the real world. The video-creation process begins with written cases prepared by the authors and contained in the text.

Krispy Kreme Continuing Case Video
This brand-new video series has been created exclusively for the new 11th edition. The written and video case elements are divided into seven sections and related to each Part in Contemporary Marketing. The cases appear all together at the end of the text. The continuing case relates the parts of the text to the story of this dynamic and creative North Carolina company’s use of marketing concepts to enhance its phenomenal recent success in expanding beyond its Southeastern roots to new markets throughout the U.S., Canada, and beyond.

Student Resources

Study Guide
ISBN: 0-324-18941-9
Completely updated for the 11th edition, the Study Guide contains the following features for each chapter in the text:
  • A Chapter Overview that briefly discusses the chapter objectives
  • A complete Chapter Outline
  • A Self Quiz; and
  • A set of Critical Thinking Questions

Each chapter ends with a Surfing the Net section in which students are provided with online resources related to the chapter concepts.

Audio Chapter Reviews on CD-ROM
ISBN: 0-324-19215-0
Packaged free with every new text, these audio chapter reviews are provided on CD-ROM for student use. Listen to them while you’re exercising, listen to them while you’re walking around campus; Heck! Listen to them on the way to class as a preview of what you’ll be learning that day! Just listen to them, because they’ll supply you with a good summary of the chapter objectives and the major concepts in the chapter. Step to the head of the class, because they’ll get you prepared in a completely new way!

Xtra! Student CD-ROM
CD ISBN: 0-324-19214-2
On-line Access ISBN: 0-324-20118-4
Provided free with each new copy of the text, the Xtra! CD gives you just a little bit more than you imagined! This CD provides students access to additional online learning tools including: the digitized Krispy Kreme Continuing Video Case, the PowerPoint presentation, a Marketing Plan with related exercises, and Xtra! quizzing that you won’t get anywhere else! Access can also be purchased online.

Experiencing Marketing in the Marketplace Online Simulation, 2e
ISBN: 0-324-22198-3
Experiencing Marketing Strategy in the Marketplace Online Simulation
ISBN: 0-324-22197-5
With the help of this marketing online simulation, you will gain invaluable experience. Theory comes alive as you compete against the computer to manager a new business venture and profitably capture dominant market share. You can lose your shirt or earn a fortune! To learn more, visit the Web site for
Experiencing Marketing in the Marketplace Online Simulation, 2e, and visit the Web site for Experiencing Marketing Strategy in the Marketplace Online Simulation.

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