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Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach, 3/e

Joseph Weiss, Bentley College

0-03-018458-4      © 2003

Paperback      350 pp.

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This text examines the role of ethics in the business world and ethical dilemmas encountered by managers. Ethical decisions do not take place in a vacuum. Many people, all with their own interests and standards, are involved in business encounters every day. "Stakeholder and Issues Management" is this text's unique approach to teaching business ethics. It pays special attention to the relationships among the many and varied stakeholders that have roles in business situations. These stakeholders include the market and non-market entities that affect a business. Ethical issues must be addressed by individuals, groups, corporations, and even nations in very different ways, and the consequences differ with each person or group involved. This text gives students practical tools to handle moral dilemmas in the workplace and the world. Topics include risk management, preferential hiring, corporate legitimacy and moral accountability.


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