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Putting Stakeholders First in Satisfying Quality, Safety, and Other Requirements
Topic Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations
Key Words ISO 9000, stakeholders
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ISO 9000 is a set of criteria that enables organizations to produce products and supply services that meet customer requirements, in a way that satisfies all stakeholders. A commonly held definition of ISO 9000 is that organizations should document what they do, and do what they document. Unfortunately, this emphasis on documentation has led some practitioners to the belief that if they are doing what they are documenting, their business will automatically improve.

Instead of such a focus on documentation, ISO 9000 practitioners need to build a reputation for delivering on promises. Organizations need to perfect their systems, so that their systems all work to allow the company to accomplish its mission.

Organizations are created to achieve a goal or a mission, but they can only do this if they meet the needs of their stakeholders. All stakeholders, including investors, society, employees, and suppliers have needs and each of these stakeholders can withdraw their support if their needs are not met.

The process approach says that stakeholders start the cycle by placing demands on the organization, and then the organization’s mission reflects what will drive it toward satisfying these expectations. The company’s mission is accomplished through a set of interconnected processes. The organization delivers its results and delights the stakeholders. The stakeholders redefine their demands and the whole cycle starts all over again.

Top management decides on the company’s mission and relays the processes used to get the company there. Values guide the culture.

Putting stakeholders first and taking a process approach to management can help organizations to truly implement ISO 9000 correctly.


Define ISO 9000. How does a company become ISO 9000 certified?


What are the benefits to American companies who seek out and achieve ISO 9000 certification?


What is the Baldridge National Quality Award? How is the Baldridge Award related to ISO 9000?

Source “Putting Stakeholders First in Satisfying Quality, Safety, and Other Requirements” Plant Engineering, August 1, 2006, v60 i8 p. 31.
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