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If you aren't happy in your job, the problem could be that your company has set up barriers to job satisfaction that have nothing to do with the employee's talent or potential. Not only do the systems fail to recognize individual talent, but the employees fail to recognize it themselves. These structural problems can make the employee feel trapped in the job.

Most systems defects at the workplace relate to supervisors who do not encourage and motivate employees. Most people quit a firm because of frustration with a direct manager. Last year, a Gallup poll found that 19 percent of workers felt no emotional connection to their job. They complained they seldom received recognition for good work, their supervisor did not seem to care about them as people, and no one encouraged their development.

Companies need to promote workers' satisfaction through development programs that allow career changes, and by training managers in techniques that encourage employee participation and communication. Companies need to provide a system to regularly bring workers and supervisors together to communicate.


Explain the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction. What can a manager do to increase job satisfaction, according to this article?

Source Robert Kazel, "Fighting the System," Chicago Tribune, July 21, 2002, Section 5, p. 5.
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