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Thank You Goes a Long Way
Topic Motivation
Key Words motivation, recognition
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News Story

Reinforcing desired behavior is a proven way to motivate employees. However, a recent survey found that one-third of top executives believed that businesses are "somewhat effective" in rewarding employees for good performance. Liz Hubler, OfficeTeam, offers three inexpensive ways to reward employees:

  1. Remember to say thank you.
  2. Offer nonfinancial rewards, such as extra days off or good press.
  3. Reward employees whenever they deserve it, not just on regular occasions.


What kind of reinforcement schedule is the author recommending for rewarding employees?


Define expectancy theory, and explain how the advice given in this article relates to this theory.

Source Billie Swift, "Thank You Goes a Long Way," Risk Management, Sept. 2001, p. 9.
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