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Employee Types: Who Wants What?
Topic Motivation
Key Words Flexibility, work/life balance, monetary rewards, praise
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News Story

A new study by Maritz, Inc. separates employees into six groups based on the type of rewards that each would find most motivating. Here is a brief summary of those types:

  • Freedom Yearners: 17% of the workforce; this group is less materially motivated and is best rewarded with flexibility in their hours and projects.
  • Nesters (20%): find work/life balance the most important, so flexible schedules and dinners out are great rewards for them.
  • Award Seekers (22%): want rewards with both a monetary and trophy value. They are younger and like to travel.
  • Bottom Liners (19%): are interested in the monetary value of the reward. They want cash bonuses or award points that they can use to obtain other rewards.
  • Praise Cravers (16%): seek recognition from managers and peers above all other rewards.
  • Upward Movers (8%): are the least interested in cash rewards or job flexibility. They are best motivated by status rewards like the opportunity to dine with company executives or to mentor other employees.


This survey divides employees into six different types based on how they are motivated. Which groups are most interested in intrinsic motivators and which groups are most interested in extrinsic rewards? Be sure you define what intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are.


What are the basics of motivation? Name four steps that managers can take to motivate their people to increase their efforts.


Explain how to use expectancy theory as a motivational tool.

Source “Employee Types: Who Wants What?” Corporate Meetings and Incentives, May 1, 2007, v26 i5 pNA.
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