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AFLAC's Advantage
Topic Motivation
Key Words Motivation, recognition, culture
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AFLAC has developed a corporate culture devoted to keeping employees appreciated on a regular basis. Dan Amos, chairman and CEO, believes that if you give employees everything they need to succeed, they will help the business succeed.

AFLAC has two corporate child-development centers on site which care for the children of 300 employees. Employee Appreciation Week is the core of the employee appreciation effort, with daily prizes, giveaways, food, and peer recognition. Spirit Day includes a team meeting, which is a pep rally with entertainment, food, and a company update.

The company rewards seniority in the company with gifts on employment anniversaries.

Other motivational programs include free admission to minor league baseball games, discounts with local merchants, birthday greetings with free movies or lunch, an annual holiday party for adults only with entertainment and babysitting available, and once a month evening babysitting.

Each division also has its own events, such as picnics, trips to sporting events, etc.


How does a company like AFLAC benefit from making these kinds of activities and rewards available to employees?


Which of Maslow's needs might be satisfied by the activities discussed in this article?


How do these perks motivate an employee? What other methods should a company use to motivate employees?

Source "AFLAC's Advantage," Incentive May 2003, p. 26.
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