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Improving All Processes
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Because of shrinking margins, home care companies need to begin business process reengineering, the act of improving processes in their business. In order to practice BPR, an organization must have a detailed knowledge of their processes, a collaborative process for identifying problems, creative solutions for eliminating problems and a system of accountability for change.
(Updated January 2008)
Is Benchmarking the Master or Merely the Servant?
Full Summary
Benchmarking is an excellent tool for identifying management best practices, but before benchmark percentages can be applied successfully, there must be an understanding of the goals and strategies that are most important to the success of the business.
(Updated April 2007)
The Supply-Chain Council, APQC and IBM Collaborate an Open Standards for SCOR(R) Model Benchmarking
Full Summary
Members of the Supply Chain Council will have access to a new benchmarking portal that will give them access to metrics related to similar businesses to help them to ascertain where they are in comparison to peers and competitors as well as to prepare a plan for improvement.
(Updated February 2007)
Preparing Employees for Disasters; Catastrophe Response Plans Should Not Overlook 'People Risks'
Full Summary
Recent disasters like Hurricane Katrina have highlighted the importance of preparedness and planning. Human impact preparedness attempts to understand the life cycle of a disaster and how people respond and can be used to help prepare a business plan that can mitigate the effect of the disaster on the workforce.
(Updated August 2006)
Taken by the Inch, Life's a Cinch
Full Summary
Annual achievement goal targets can seem overwhelming. If you break them into small, approachable steps, they become much more possible and motivating. Managers can make the process of goal-setting fun and a great way to show support for those that matter to the success of a business.
(Updated May 2006)
Succession Progression
Full Summary
Succession planning is an important part of strategic planning for any company. New tools are helping leaders to identify, recognize, and develop internal talent, while saving companies money and supporting their strategic goals at the same time.
(Updated February 2006)
The Best-laid Disaster Plans are Merely Works in Progress
Full Summary
Large-scale disasters like Hurricane Katrina show that all planning for coping with catastrophe is hypothetical. When real disaster strikes, managers need to be prepared with a plan, but also must rely on flexibility and creativity to get things working again.
(Updated November 2005)
Hire Staff: Don't Think Big and Other Tips for Picking Those First Few Employees
Full Summary
Many start-up businesses struggle with finding good candidates for their business, knowing what to look for, whom to hire, and when to hire them. The best advice is to proceed slowly, choose people who can adapt to the rapidly changing nature of a small business, and start small.
(Updated June 2005)
What Successful Successions Need
Full Summary
Family-owned businesses have many unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to long-range planning for the business. Foresight, planning, and communication are imperative to ensure a smooth succession and the continued growth and success of the business.
(Updated March 2005)
Watch Your Back: As Companies Map Their Growth Strategies, They Should Pay More Attention to the Hazards They Entail
Full Summary
CEOs often blame poor performance on bad luck. However, risk management and planning experts say that business failures are often predictable, and usually preventable. By formally linking risk management and strategic planning, assessment of risk is better integrated into the business-planning process and can be better analyzed, planned for, and avoided.
(Updated 10/01/04)
Study Finds Most Independents Lack Strategic Plans
Full Summary
According to a new study on family businesses, 80% of independent supermarkets don't have a written strategic plan for their company.
(Updated 04/12/04)
SWOT Analysis of L'Oreal
Full Summary
The ability to conduct a SWOT analysis is essential. This article demonstrates how to do a SWOT analysis on the company L'Oreal.
(Updated 07/30/03)
United Introduces Short-Term and Long-Term Business Plan to Unions, Lays Groundwork to Emerge
Full Summary
United Airlines CEO, Glenn Tilton, is visiting the company's U.S. hubs to share the company's new business plan with employees and the unions. United is implementing a plan that it hopes will bring it out of Chapter 11 and make it competitive and cost efficient in the long term.
(Updated 02/27/03)
How to Plan for the Short Term
Full Summary
Organizational strategy tends to be based on long-term planning. Short-term execution is viewed as putting out fires, and not productive time management. However, in today's rapidly changing business climate, the short-term is just as important strategically as the long-term.
(Updated 12/31/02)
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