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Are you a good leader?
Full Summary
Greed doesn’t work. Some businesspeople are just finding that out now that the country, and the world, is reeling from the “leadership” decisions made by people who, let’s say, did not always have the interests of others at the top of their lists. What kind of new golden rules need to take the place of those cut-throat, me-first management styles of the not-so-distant past?
(Updated June 2009)
High Potential, High Risk: Traits That Indicate High Leadership Potential Can Also Derail a Career
Full Summary
High-potential leaders are a valuable asset to any company. Managers need to identify these leaders and take the time to work with each individual to develop a plan to transform their potential into realized leadership performance.
(Updated May 2008)
Effective Leadership: What are the Requisites?
Full Summary
Good leaders differ from managers. Good leaders inspire others and build confidence and enthusiasm in their people. Developing your leadership skills might be the most important thing you do to help your team to become more productive and happier at work.
(Updated June 2007)
It’s Not about Empty Suits
Full Summary
Most successful leaders seem to have charisma. The author of this article argues that charisma is an innate ability that can make a leader’s job a lot easier.
(Updated December 2006)
CEOs Taking Greater Role in Talent Management
Full Summary
A new survey shows that CEOs are devoting as much as 30% of their time to talent development. These leaders believe that the quality of the people that they have in place will come back to the customers and deliver value to the company’s shareholders.
(Updated November 2006)
Management and the Mars-Venus Myth
Full Summary
Popular theories about gender claim that men and women have vastly different communication and leadership styles. According to the author of this article, however, a good leader blends styles commonly attributed to each gender type to enhance the productivity of his or her team.
(Updated May 2006)
Leadership at All Levels Starts with a Conversation
Full Summary
Organizations are spending a lot of time and money trying to define and capture leadership in their organizations. According to the author of this article, leadership across the board can start much more simply with a conversation. This new conversation is a dialogue within the organization that can bring about change.
(Updated March 2006)
The 'Open Inbox'
Full Summary
Some CEOs are promoting an "open inbox" approach to communication. Employees can email them at any time with questions or concerns. Advocates say this type of open communication style allows for an environment where problems are caught early and is great for morale. Critics claim the CEOs should be spending their time doing other things.
(Updated November 2005)
Toshiba's New CEO Is An Innovation: A Manager
Full Summary
For Japanese technology giant Toshiba Corp., Atsutoshi Nishida is a different type of president. Although past presidents have been chosen largely for their knowledge of operations, Mr. Nishida has shown he knows how to manage.
(Updated October 2005)
Managing Skills Should Trump Technical Savvy When Companies Make Promotion Decisions
Full Summary
People are promoted to supervisory positions for many reasons, but usually because they have done an exemplary job in their current position. That does not, however, guarantee success in the new position. The key to successful transition from worker to supervisor is guidance and training in leadership skills.
(Updated May 2005)
Michael Crichton? He's Just the Author
Full Summary
Jane Friedman, President and CEO of HarperCollins Publishers is pursuing an ambitious new plan in an effort to preserve her successful history in a traditionally slow-growing industry. She is hoping to reach out to consumers with a tangible brand that will help to sell more books based on the merit of the brand itself.
(Updated February 2005)
Gucci Chief to Offer a Design for Luxury In Volume
Full Summary
Robert Polet, the new chief executive of the Gucci Group is formulating his ambitious plans to double the sales of Gucci name brand merchandise in the next seven years. Mr. Polet's warm leadership style has been complimented, but experts wonder whether his lofty goals are attainable.
(Updated January 2005)
Fat's In the Fire for Burger King
Full Summary
The new CEO of Burger King, Gregory Brenneman, takes on a challenge to bring the faltering fast food chain back to prosperity, introducing a turnaround plan that he hopes to deliver with a public offering of shares in 2006.
(Updated January 2005)
High Expectations Boost Performance
Full Summary
Leaders' expectations, whether intentional or subconscious, of those they work with can have a dramatic impact on performance. Leaders can use the power of positive expectations to drive superior performance.
(Updated October 2004)
How Intel Grooms Its Leaders
Full Summary
Intel has a unique succession formula. It picks CEOs years in advance and grooms them for the job.
(Updated 09/01/04)
Room at the Top: The Only Thing Stopping a Woman From Running a Media Conglomerate Could Be Herself
Full Summary
Several women in leadership positions discuss why there aren't more women in the upper echelons of the media industry, and what it will take to get them there.
(Updated 04/12/04)
High Scores in the Leadership Game
Full Summary
In an industry with no precedent and few opportunities for formal training, a video-game developer trains its own leaders.
(Updated 02/01/04)
Leading Despite Your Boss
Full Summary
Being an effective leader for your employees is a key priority for managers. But what happens when your boss is a poor one? Having a supervisor who is unsupportive or worse undermines your leadership and affects your morale. This article outlines 5 approaches for dealing with a problem boss.
(Updated 11/01/03)
Honesty and Integrity Viewed as Top Leadership Traits
Full Summary
A survey of white collar workers found that employees today value character traits, such as honesty and ethical behavior, over traits like creativity or decisiveness.
(Updated 06/05/03)
Delegating Decisions
Full Summary
When leaders stop delegating, they spend time making rules or deciding trivial matters, getting mad that staff isn't getting the job done and devising punitive measures. This creates a negative atmosphere for employees. When delegating is done well, employees act on their own initiative.
(Updated 5/01/03)
Do You Have the Will to Lead?
Full Summary
Peter Koestenbaum, a classically trained philosopher, applies his training in philosophy to the question of how to reconcile the often-brutal realities of business with basic human values. In this article he answers questions about that it takes to be a leader.
(Updated 12/31/02)
Letting the Air Out of Celebrity Leaders
Full Summary
The star system of recruiting - paying top dollar for outside talent - has not always resulted in success. Focusing on this elite talent can undermine team efforts within the company and foster a superstar culture. This article outlines 5 myths about hiring talented employees.
(Updated 10/23/02)
Management Styles Influence Service Tone
Full Summary
Employees with managers who set the right service tone are more likely to have a customer service mentality. This article shows the relationship between a manager's attitudes and performance and his/her employees'.
(Updated 10/23/02)
Effective Leaders Say One Pivotal Experience Sealed Their Careers
Full Summary
Sometimes, what makes one successful as a leader isn't where you went to school, but the life experiences you have had. In this article, two CEOs share how they were shaped by the lessons they learned in life.
(Updated 10/23/02)
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