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Study: 2006 A Disappointing Year for RFID and Retail
Full Summary
2006 has been a disappointing year for the core businesses of radio frequency identification tags—the tagging of cases and pallets of goods. Yet, side businesses like contactless payment have shown unexpected success and may redefine the future for the technology.
(Updated February 2007)
Timberland's E-mail Upgrade
Full Summary
When Timberland’s online business soared, so did its need to communicate well with customers in a timely fashion. By standardizing responses to customer e-mail inquiries, the retailer improved customer service efficiency by 300% and reduced training time by 93.75%.
(Updated January 2006)
The Enemy Within
Full Summary
In spite of increasing concern about external IT security breaches, most can still be traced to internal points of weakness. An investment in corporate IT security is becoming more necessary than ever.
(Updated July 2005)
Labor Chain Management: Managing The Workforce With Supply-Chain Strategies Yields Big Benefits
Full Summary
In 2004, IBM Corp.'s Integrated Supply Chain Group achieved a breakthrough by applying its world-class supply-chain management strategies toward managing its labor pool. The new system of matching labor needs with available talent is expected ultimately to save the company $2.5 billion a year.
(Updated June 2005)
Shedding Light on Knowledge Management
Full Summary
Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year by failing to share information within the company. This is in spite of spending on knowledge management technology that is expected to reach $4.8 billion in 2007.
(Updated May 2004)
The See-It-All Chip
Full Summary
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is about to change your life. Originally used during WWII, this technology now is being adopted by a wide variety of industries to track everything from people to inventory, and to make purchasing easy and fast. There is some concern that RFID will invade people's privacy, but the Auto-ID Center is working to ease those concerns.
(Updated November 2003)
Full Summary
Email is more than just a handy communication device. It is a lasting record of a company's communications that can be accessed in the future. As such, companies need to implement policies on which email records to keep and how to make the data easily accessible.
(Updated March 2003)
Protecting Against Disasters
Full Summary
Managers understand the need for spending money on hardware for storing data, but often they don't prepare for a crisis that could shut down their business, such as the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, fire, hardware failure, natural disasters, or power outages. This article focuses on the need to consider information-based risk in the same light as financial or product-liability risk, and highlights some companies that specialize in providing backup data systems and contingency plans.
(Updated October 2002)
Creating a Customer Information Management Plan
Full Summary
Companies generally have no shortage of customer data, but it is scattered between departments and corporate hierarchies. Implementing a customer information management plan makes this information more useful to all.
(Updated October 2002)
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