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In the Eye of a Brainstorm
Full Summary
At Pitney Bowes, a group of talented engineers and inventors gathers on a regular basis to brainstorm solutions for customer problems. These brainstorming sessions have resulted in breakthrough products and innovative ideas.
(Updated June 2007)
The Art of Decision Making
Full Summary
One of the hardest and the most critical functions of a leader’s role is the ability to make great decisions. Yet, many leaders have few resources and benchmarks to turn to for help with developing this skill.
(Updated November 2006)
Are We Multitasking Ourselves into Chaos?
Full Summary
Devices like wireless Internet connections, blackberries, instant messaging, and cell phones are all conspiring to make ours a multi-tasking world, where we never have to be out of touch for even a minute. Is our decision making and ability to thrive in chaos getting better with all of this going on around us or does the theory of bounded rationality limit our ability to take it all in?
(Updated August 2006)
I'm O.K., You're Biased
Full Summary
Human beings tend to believe that they are able to resist bias in their decision-making process, and that others are extremely susceptible to bias. The truth is that the human brain knows many tricks to allow us to reach the conclusion that it favors and avoiding bias entirely may be more difficult than we realize.
(Updated May 2006)
Irrational Secrets to Innovation
Full Summary
Complex problems and deadlocked groups sometimes call for unorthodox techniques to get things back on track. The author of this article advocates irrational decision making techniques to help groups get access to their unconscious mind and help them free up creative solutions to difficult situations.
(Updated January 2006)
Navigating Privacy Concerns to Equip Workers with GPS...
Full Summary
Service companies are utilizing cell phone GPS technology to track the locations of field technicians to increase productivity. However, employers must set clear policies and candidly address privacy issues to alleviate concerns.
(Updated September 2005)
Four Strategies for Power Decision Making
Full Summary
Regardless of your profession, you make decisions every day. Even the most confident decision maker occasionally suffers indecision. That's when procrastination sets in.
(Updated August 2004)
A Perfect Brainstorm
Full Summary
At Digital River, senior executives meet once a week in a conference room to brainstorm ideas. CEO Joel Ronning says these sessions have saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Brainstorming is not a new concept, but recent research has new proof about why it works, and when it works best.
(Updated February 2004)
Creating a Team of Individuals
Full Summary
When a group thinks as only one mind, it engages in groupthink, which hinders proper analysis and may result in poor decision making. Groupthink should be transformed into teamthink, wherein members' ideas, knowledge, and experiences are merged and are used to place focus and value on each member.
(Updated July 2003)
Corporate America Taking Aim at Reforming Itself
Full Summary
Corporate America is faced with difficult decisions about how to handle stock options. Several companies have begun to treat stock options as an employee compensation expense, which has a direct impact on the company's financial results.
(Updated October 2002)
Decision-making in the Digital Age
Full Summary
The advent of the Digital Age has provided managers with more information than they can possibly access and interpret. This information overload has improved decision making in some ways, but it has also complicated it.
(Updated October 2002)
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