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Checks on Internal Controls Pay Off
Full Summary
A recent study shows that a company's share prices can climb if it uncovers and fixes problems with internal controls.
(Updated July 2006)
The Inside Job
Full Summary
Bob Bitzís bookkeeper and her husband scammed his business out of $70,000 by opening a fraudulent credit card in his name and paying the bills with company funds. Bitz had few controls in place and trusted the bookkeeper with his financials completely. Although the bookkeeper was caught and had to pay back the money she stole, Bitz suffered a tremendous hit personally and to his business.
(Updated January 2006)
A Need for Greater Cybersecurity
Full Summary
An industry task force working with the Homeland Security Department has made its recommendations regarding companies' responsibility for securing their computer networks. The group did not recommend legislation, but recommended that chief executives and boards of directors should assume direct responsibility for cybersecurity.
(Updated 05/11/04)
Alleged Accounting Irregularities at New York Unit of Adecco Still a Mystery
Full Summary
Adecco, the world's largest temp agency, announced accounting irregularities in its North American unit. Investors and customers are reacting.
(Updated 04/12/04)
Exploring New Ideas for Making Finances Clearer and Scandals Rarer
Full Summary
The nonprofit industry has been the victim some very visible accounting scandals lately, and this has prompted it to call for more accountability among its members. There is resistance from some, however, who resist having standards imposed upon them.
(Updated 01/06/04)
Report Shakes U.S. Power Utilities
Full Summary
Controlling pollution has become an important topic for many companies. This article discusses a published report that stated nearly 6,000 premature deaths result in the U.S. annually as a result of pollution from aging power plants. Each of the eight utilities discussed have violated the Clean Air Act.
(Updated 10/23/02)
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