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Five Rules to Managing Project Teams
Topic Managing Individuals and Teams
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Managing staff from a department other than your own is a challenge. It is important to respect everyone's contribution to the team and communicate openly. These 5 steps will increase your effectiveness as a team leader:

  • Building your project team – have a clear understanding of goals and objectives.
  • Meet with those involved – find out their specific skills, what they expect to contribute, and how much time they can devote to the team.
  • Set the tone – be organized, upbeat, and on topic.
  • Create a schedule – maintain a written timeline for the project.
  • Communicate – coach and lead, don't micromanage.


Summarize the five key points made in this article and put them in order of priority. Compare your list to a friend's. Did you agree on priority, and if not, why not?

Source Stephen Mill, "Five Rules to Managing Project Teams" Computing Canada, May 10, 2002.
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