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GoKarts Used as Exercise in Workplace Team-Building
Topic Managing Individuals and Teams
Key Words team building, motivation
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News Story 

Sacramento entrepreneur Mike Bungay created go-kart-oriented “Seminars in Fun” as a way for companies to reward employees and entertain clients. Genentech is one company who chose Rocket Motorsports as a team-building exercise for staff.

The day begins with safety and operating instruction. Employees develop an awareness of other drivers on the racetrack, learning new driving techniques and sharing the experience of the unusual sport. After each round, co-workers in the stands gather around the drivers sharing impressions and joking about their last run.

Bungay believes the kart seminars help businesses make a lasting impression on businesses’ employees and customers.


What are some characteristics of effective teams that could be aided by this kind of activity?


Do you believe that this kind of activity can help a team be more effective on the job, or do you think this is just a perk for employees? Justify your answer.

Source "GoKarts Used as Exercise in Workplace Team-Building," Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News, Sept. 1, 2002.
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